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How to Download Video from Flow Player / Flowplayer 24 November 2010

There is an easy way to download flow player videos which are embedded in many websites or forums. What you need is media catcher software. There are several softwares to catch the media or embedded videos. If you search “media catcher” key word on Softpedia, you may find various programs. You may also use shareware i.e. Internet Download Manager to download many streaming videos. But, in my opinion, the free and the easy one is a software namely Free Video Catcher – also called Kastor Free Video Catcher .  You can download it here and here.

How to use?

  1. Install the Free Video Catcher (FVC)
  2. During the installation, you need to install the additional software called WinPcap (this is included in the FVC installer, so you don’t need to get it separately)
  3. Run the software
  4. Copy the website address containing flow player videos and then paste it in “Add URL” , and click “Download” button
  5. Wait for a moment, the video will be downloaded shortly
  6. If the download process finished, you may check your video in “My Records”

NB: This method will also work like a charm to download Youtube and others. Need more Tutorial of this software, click See how it works in a demo video

Have a nice downloading 🙂


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